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Laujauzan Tea


Found by John Hook in 2007.  HMF writes, "Rose-pink, cream center. Flowers solitary and often having a metallic appearance. Branches red, Prickles occasional, red and slightly hooked."

The amazing story behind this rose as written on HMF, "Once, upon spying a very nice and ancient Tea rose growing out of an overgrown hedge on the border between a property and the road, I stopped and asked if I could take cuttings. The owner refused. I was stunned, as the rose was completely neglected and swamped by brambles. “Why not?” I asked. The owner replied sharply that in this life, one had to pay for things. “OK” I replied, “I will happily pay you for some cuttings.” But the owner just said “No” and walked away. A couple of weeks later, I rode up and grabbed a few cuttings, riding away with the owner running after me. The rose was growing within 1 metre of the highway, so officially it wasn’t on her property anyway. The original plant has now been grubbed out by the owner but the cuttings all took. This I have christened “Laujuzan Tea”.

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