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Feb 8 2014 | General

Frequently Asked Questions of Rose Petals Nursery...




We have a number of questions that are asked most often of Mr. Blue Jeans and The Gardener.  We thought we would take pause while the roses are resting to answer some of those Frequently Asked Questions for readers of the Old Garden Rose  Blog.



1.  What does the year mean by the roses name?

Roses have a discovered or introduction date associated with them.  This means that the rose that you are looking at, whether it is in a pot or in the ground, is a piece of the named rose originating from the labeled date.  I always stand in wonder of that statement.  Just think we have roses that are 100's of years old and we still have them here to grow in our own gardens!

2.  Some roses have "Found" instead of a year associated with them, what does that mean?

There are really two answers to that question.  In some instances the records have been lost.  For example many of the Bermuda Mystery Roses, Bermuda’s Anne Olivier, Bermudas Kathleen, Ms. Atwood, etc.  Other times its meaning means just that - FOUND - You may have discovered a rose somewhere and not know what rose it is, for example your Great Grandmother's home or a cemetery.  You name it and that becomes a found rose!

3.  What is the difference between Old Garden Roses and Antique Roses?

The designation of Old Garden Rose are for all of the roses dating before 1867.  Antiques have varying definitions by whom you may talk to.  Some say 25 years old as in a car is antique.  Others say if the rose is older than me, its antique.  

4.  What does the symbol "HMF" in green mean by each of the rose descriptions on your website?

That is a link to the  Help Me Find website that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about that particular rose.  It has growing habits, pictures, member comments and ratings.  A wonderful resource for information about that rose.  And to add to that its all FREE.

5.  Is there a map on your website to show me how to get to the nursery?

Yes there absolutely is!  Under the Contact tab on the website.

5.  What are your hours at the nursery?

We are open the First Saturday of each Month from 10-2PM.  Having said that, we are available for visits most anytime.  We ask that you call ahead 352-215-6399, so that we can meet you there and open the gates.  We do not live at the nursery however, it is only 6 miles from our home.

7.  How do I get in contact with you?

The Contact page on our website gives you email, address for mailing or simply give us a call at the same phone number as above, 352-215-6399.

8.  How does one know what Rose Petals Nursery has in stock at the moment?

The Gardener tries very hard to keep our in stock page accurate.  Sometimes things do happen, beyond our control.  We are dealing with live plants and customers do come by the nursery quite often.  A quick call if you are coming by or place your order as soon as you see a rose that you would like.  We will pull the selections from the tables and place your name on it for shipping or pickup.

We hope this has answered a few of your questions.  Mr. Blue Jeans and the Gardener welcome you to the nursery and its beautiful display gardens.  

Thank you for visiting,

The Gardener

“Preserving History One Rose at a Time”