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RPN is a unique rose nursery specializing in Heritage Roses to include Old Garden Roses, Antique Roses, Species Roses and "Found Roses".  The RPN collection is extensive and constantly growing as different varieties, many of which are not in commerce are acquired.  

A primary goal of RPN is to increase interest in the roses which were popular in the past and offer characteristics such a beauty, color, fragrance and ease of care and hardiness.

We research and locate rare and unique varieties of heritage roses, some thought to have been lost.  Art and Cydney are Florida natives, with roots going back many generations.  Lightered Wood Ranch, we raise the endangered Florida Cracker Horses and Florida Cracker Cows.  Both of us believe in preserving history through the heritage livestock as well as the heritage roses.

Join us for our Open Garden Day announced on our Front Page and Facebook.  For all other times please be sure to call 352-215-6399 or 352-278-6399 for an appointment.  We look forward to meeting each of you!

                 Preserving History One Rose at a Time!


Old Garden Roses are beautiful, fragrant and easy to grow. They can live with neglect but with care they will thrive. Old Garden Roses are tough survivors grown before the use of chemical sprays and fertilizers.

Their flowers vary in form and color according to variety. Some look like a 5 petaled apple blossom while others are round and full. Their fragrance can range from slight to strong.

There is a past with each Old Garden Rose that you grow. It was taken from a cutting of a rose that was taken from a cutting of a rose all the way back to the original plant. Your rose is a part of a plant that crossed the Atlantic Ocean during the 1800’s or crossed America in a covered wagon with a pioneer family taking part of their past to their new home.

Enjoy your Old Garden Roses and be sure to always take a moment to stop and smell the roses!

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