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Dec 12 2016 | General

The Cranes are Returning with their Signature Call over RPN

In the gardener's hometown of Gainesville, Florida is also the home of the University of Florida.  At the Beef Teaching Unit of UF, in the middle of town, there is a huge flock of Sandhill Cranes overwintering in the pastures with the cows.  Mr. Blue Jeans photographed these unique creatures to share with all of you.




According to the website, the cranes are 3-5 ft high, weight 6.5-14 lbs and have a wingspan of 5-6 feet.  Knowing all of these facts just enhances watching the flock this morning ascending and descending in flight.  With so little effort these huge birds are very graceful, almost like a ballerina.  No noise other than their very unique call.  Many times while out at the ranch or the nursery, you can hear their calls only to look upward and see them in air.



UF in the background just above the treeline.





Pecking Order we guessed!



To avoid any more meaness, this one just moved away...



The cows or the cranes were not bothered by each others existence in a very close proximity.  The cranes were bothered by people and would walk away from the fenceline as joggers or we approached.  


We hope you enjoy these photos, Mother Nature is fascinating!